Kristofer Wåhlander grew up in Löddeköpinge, in the south of Sweden and dreamt as a teenager to become a conductor. As 18-year-old, he moved to England to study music. After completing his bachelor studies with honours at the Royal Northern College of Music, he headed to S:t Petersburg to study conducting at the Saint Petersburg State Conservatoire.

Once in Russia, he founded the Saint Petersburg Festival Orchestra, which consisted of a 70 young professional musicians. The Orchestra gained a good reputation and was invited to the finest scenes – such as the big Grand Philharmonic Hall and the Saint Petersburg State Capella. Kristofer also founded the festival Nordic Music which purpose was to spread Nordic classical music in one of the world's cultural capitals. Kristofer gained reputation and was invited to conduct the leading symphony orchestras such as the St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra, St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra, St Petersburg Camerata etc..

One of his toughest assignments was to conduct the St. Petersburg Philharmonic in a performance of Mozart's Requiem, dedicated to the victims of the terrible terror massacre at a school in Beslan. He also conducted a number of charity concerts to the benefit the Hospice movement in Russia.
Kristofer's work in St. Petersburg also received attention in other countries and in 2006 Swedish television documented his work in the one-hour movie Music - a matter of life and death. The same year he moved to Barsebäckshamn in Scania and up until 2009 he was commuting to his job in Russia and his guest appearances in the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

And finally, in 2010 the Lundaland Philharmonic Orchestra was born and now it occupies a large part of Kristofer's time. The orchestra consists of the Öresund region's top professional musicians, and it is not uncommon to see up to 200 people on stage when the Lundaland Philharmonic Orchestra appears. Kristofer's work to spread classical music to ordinary people continues and if you want to follow him in his quest, you can visit this page regularly or “like” his official Facebook page by clicking the link further down on this page.

“He came, He saw, He conquered.”

“With sensitive and clear conducting, Kristofer Wahlander, with his charisma, got exactly the right phrasing and nuance from all the musicians.”
Sundsvalls tidning

“At the same time as [Tchaikovsky's] fifth symphony's emotional realizations seemed to flow freely, he kept them under strict surveillance with sure art of balance.”
Skånska Dagbladet

“Young W had temper in his authoritative conducting and the strings were playing so that their bows were blazing.”

“In his interpretation of the Tchaikovsky, one can not just feel the intellectual and philosophical introduction which is characteristic of Western European performance practice, but also the openness and emotions that are typical of the Russian school.”
Audio Format

“If one listens to the CD and ponders for a while upon what Wahlander has achieved during a just few years of exile, one realises that this is all about grave seriousness, ambition and an impressive musical craftsmanship.”

“The conductor was acting slave-driver.... with his enthusiasm as the whip.”

“In the joyful message of the first and the third act,, The birth and resurrection of the Messiah, he was literally radiating not only with his face but also with the whole body.”
Sundsvalls tidning

“He got the different orchestral voices to express themselves and phrase in a unified manner, and the strings played not only with passion but also in an unusually supple way.”
Skånska Dagbladet

“Waves of obstinate rhythmic joy and dynamic lift were flowing from the stage, out over a full house that was taken unawares. Memorable!”

Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  1. Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  2. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  3. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  4. Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5 // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  5. Mozart's Requiem // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  6. Handel's Messiah // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  7. Mozart's Requiem // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  8. Carmina Burana // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting
  9. O Fortuna from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana // Kristofer Wåhlander conducting